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Still going strong - We have good stocks of all products and have tripled our timber stock for the run up to Christmas. Most orders are posted out within 48hrs. Made to order items (larger frames) currently 4-5 weeks lead time required.


Harrison Handmade Peg Looms From North Yorkshire

"Our Peg Looms, Your Heirlooms"

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These beautiful, craftsman made, peg looms will still be producing beautiful hand crafted peg loom weaves for generations to come.
Standard peg looms range from 300-1200mm long, and come with 3 rows with 6 and 9mm pegs. We also offer Custom, made to order, Peg Looms and student Peg Looms. Additionally peg looms can be supplied with 6mm hardwood or 6mm nylon pegs which may be chosen when ordering.
Most peg loom timber is North Yorkshire slow grown hardwood from the eastern side of the Pennines within 15 miles of our Harrogate home. If not Yorkshire, then solidly British. Our hardwoods mostly come from storm felled trees, after all no one fells a perfectly good tree unless it's absolutely necessary.
Standard peg looms are made of Yorkshire Ash, Beech, Elm and Sycamore. We also have a small quantity of Cherry, American Black Walnut (yes also from North Yorkshire). Occasionally we will have other timbers available which will be announces here and on social media.

Peg Looms & Butterflies

Made to Order Peg Looms

Together we build a Peg Loom specification. Anything from 300 - 1500mm long. We could go bigger but it would be impractical in use. You specify the timber, the number of rows, the layout and the peg spacing so it is truly you own unique peg loom.

Art Peg Looms

Sometimes we get all arty with Peg Looms These may retain the waney bark edge, an irregular edge or other features. The timber is "as found" then air dried, drilled, sanded and natural oil nourished - still as functional as the standard peg looms while also being a real "Peg Loom Art Heritage" piece to pass on to the next generation of weavers. These peg looms are only available occasionally and either for sale at shows or on line at Etsy