Past Loom's

Small Elm Art Loom

An example of a small sized art loom.

1200mm 4 Row

A custom order for a customer with 4 peg rows in varying gauges

Elm Art Loom

An example of an Art Loom as you can see we use the natural curve of the wood to create a beautiful unique loom.

1200mm Ash 3 Row Loom

Bumble Bee not included.

1200mm 2 Row Oak Loom

A Standard large Oak Loom.

Travel Loom

One of our smallest looms, travel sized.

Elm Art Loom

An example of an art loom.

580mm 5 Peg Row Black Walnut

This was a cutom order for a 5 row peg loom.

1200mm Ash Peg Loom

Here you can see the wonderful grain which can be obtained on many of our Loom's. Treat them to some linseed/flaxseed oil to bring out the grain more and also protect the wood.